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Boundary Badass
A Powerful Method To Elevating
Your Value And Relationships 


Boundary Badass Book
Boundary Badass Book

BOUNDARY BADASS will show you the exact method you need to elevate your value to the next level and build respectful relationships.


Now is the time to honor your authentic voice, become invincible and set boundaries like a badass.

A self-development book and workbook all in one!

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Find out if you're setting

Boundaries or Ultimatums

 Become a Boundary Badass. Be Heard. Be Valued
Boundary Badass Book
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It's Time To Stop Selling Yourself Short

And Start Honoring You're Self-Worth

Are you ready to...


Increase your confidence and become unstoppable in commanding respect

Align to your authentic truth 

and be heard and understood


Elevate your value and attract healthier relationships,

personally and professionally


Achieve greater lifestyle fulfillment, inner peace,

and freedom



Own your self-worth and become a BOUNDARY BADASS

A self-development book and workbook all in one!

Jan + Jillian

Jillian Yuhas and Jan Yuhas, MA, MFT, CPC, inspire people to create remarkable relationships, achieve their full worth, and set boundaries like badasses. Their mission is to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills they need in order to break free from feeling powerless, while ultimately thriving within their relationships and lifestyle.


Being introverted, intuitive individuals has come with some challenging life lessons. Their gift of compassion for people had been problematic at times, which led them to overlook unhealthy behaviors and see the best in others. However, they had no idea that their personal discovery journey would be the most rewarding experience they would share with others. What started out as a painful experience became an absolute turning point and a bigger blessing when it taught them how to find inner peace using their authentic voices to set healthy boundaries. The sisters’ ability to navigate setbacks, without damaging relationships or having regrets, has given them the edge to support others on their journey of personal and professional development.

Setting and coaching about boundaries became their calling after they found their simple requests with others being ignored, and clients pushing the limits in their former entrepreneurial endeavors. The sisterly duo knew there had to be a better way to be heard, understood, and valued without enduring losses, both personally and professionally.


The mission behind the BOUNDARY BADASS METHOD is to empower people, regardless of how others respond to their needs. Their practical method provides you with techniques for - owning your self-worth, speaking with conviction, authentic living, gaining clarity, fulfilling emotional needs, receiving respect, and building remarkable relationships. The BOUNDARY BADASS METHOD is the key to unlocking your success in life and relationships.


The wisdom and guidance you will discover throughout the book is a collaboration of their Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, Certification in Life Coaching, Mediation, Body Language and Deception Detection, Crisis Counseling, relationship intelligence, and personal and professional experiences.

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Boundary Badass

Boundary Badass Book

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